Open world games are quite fun and interactive to play. They pack a lot of features in terms of side quests, unlocking rewards in completing small tasks and completion of the main quests. Though some notable titles in the market have proved their dominance through their realistic graphic qualities and gameplay features, others have done the same with cars. 

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What is Cars?

Cars is a game designed for the Game Cube platform that was based on the Movie “Cars” made by Pixar. It’s quite an intuitive game that brings a lot of fun and exciting tasks within the game. The game revolves around radiator springs, and the player must complete 19 road races, five piston cup races, and eight mini-games, all with the help of Lightning McQueen. 

Other than this, the game is quite thorough in what it wants the user to enjoy. From the bits and pieces taken from the car’s movie to the simple gameplay interface and controls; it’s a fun and intuitive game to play. 

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Which emulator to use to run this game?

By now, you would have realized that the game runs on Game Cube. Though there are other platforms where the game was launched, about this context, playing the game on a computer would require a Game Cube emulator. The best in the market happens to be Dolphin X86, and we are going to use the same. 

Dolphin X86 is a simple and straightforward game cube emulator that helps in emulating games designed for the game cube platform. Though the games might have a greater download size, they bring all the features of what a game cube console would offer.  

Three Related Games

Need for Speed: Underground 2

One of the first OG car games of all times Need For Speed Underground 2 was indeed an immersive and well-oriented game. The game offers an extensive array of car selection with customization features. Very few games came close to it and still dominates the open-world racing game. 

Need for Speed: Carbon

The sequel to other Need For Speed games, Carbon takes place in a different city altogether. Players have the option to play wither on the canyons, midtown, wild west, and china town. Though it’s quite immersive and offers some unbelievable customization options, its open-world gameplay option and simplicity helps in getting the best of the game.  

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Need for Speed: Most Wanted 

I guess the word Razer means something to the people who played Most Wanted. It’s a game filled with underground and illegal races bundled with cop chases, customizability of cars, and much more. There is a career mode where the difficulty increases as you keep defeating other bosses and players. It’s the ultimate version of the Need For Speed franchise, which undoubtedly made a huge fan base and still is regarded as the best Need For Speed ever. 

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