Even since the days of Tekken and before, 2D fighting games have been in huge demand. All thanks to its friendly user interface and display or high yet moderate graphics that make it this likable. Such game shave had their dominance on all forms of gaming and ensured that players had the time of their lives indeed. But for one such title, things were quite different and made its new fanbase on the Gamecube platform. 


What is Capcom Vs SNK 2?

Capcom vs. SNK 2 is the second iteration of Capcom vs. SNK, which offers a wide range of gameplay options with intuitive graphics and character selection. The game offers an advanced arcade mode where fighting through different characters would reveal other powerups and unlocked items. 

There are boss levels that give out more significant prizes as well. Survival mode is to check out the endurance of the player and see how long you last against different characters with differing difficulties. But there is a player vs. player mode to challenge your friends. 

There are a total of forty-six different characters that unlockable in arcade mode. All characters come with their unique fighting mode and power up options. Unlock all and see which ones suits you the best as each one brings something different to the table. 

Capcom Vs SNK 2
Capcom Vs SNK 2

Which Gaming Emulator to be used for this game?

Gamecube was the pioneer of playing console games back in the ’90s. It was quite popular, but other consoles took over its popularity later on. But to rejuvenate the authentic experience of Game Cube on your computer, then Dolphin X86 is the emulator for you. 

Three Related Games 


Streetfighter has been a classic 2D fighting game for ages. It’s entirely authentic and offers that rustic old pixelated fighting action scenario that we all seem to love. Players can choose from 16 iconic characters and a variety of match fighting options. 

Slashers: The Power Battle

Hailing to be one of the classic street fighting games, its fast, action-packed, and a 2D fighting arcade game masterpiece. The game takes a brief step back to the arcade-style old-school fighting scenario and offers a combination of tactical moves and powers for players to fight against the computer or other players. 

Pocket Rumble

As a pocket-friendly 2D fighting game, it’s a classic that requires two buttons to play the game effectively. With its cartoonish animation and characters, it’s a worth-while experience in playing the game to your heart’s content. 

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