Mobile gaming in recent time and age has spiked sharply. With better graphic and gameplay, not everyone has a smartphone-compatible to enjoy it thoroughly. Its where switching to a computer/desktop to play these game come handy.

While it’s not a possibility to download them and start playing, you require an emulator to run android games and apps. It’s where “Bluestacks” comes to mind.

What is Bluestacks?

Bluestacks is what one might call a simulation/emulator for your android device. Primarily concentrated on games, it’s a computer application that lets one play android games and use apps on a computer system.

The primary intent of using an emulator is to mirror the game running on your mobile to a computer system. The emulator can use computer resources to smooth out graphics and offer a better gameplay experience.

Emulators have become common because of the practicality in playing high-intensity mobile games with the comfort of a keyboard and a mouse.  The application also works smoothly with windows and MAC OS.

Also, the application requires your google play credentials to log in. Thus, all your saved games and apps are accessible on your computer.

Key features of the software.

Quality of graphics.

The application provides the best in class graphic quality for games. No level of detail is left out, and every game is buttery smooth. All thanks to its Hyper-G graphics quality. The quality in graphics isn’t altered but remains constant while switching through different devices.

Full OS compatibility.

The world of playing intense online shooting games, RPG’s, racing games, etc. opens up. Bluestacks offers a plethora of playing options and is compatible with leading mobile games that can take advantage of computer hardware. The emulator supports even the latest games.

Compatibility of OS settings.

Bluestacks provides streamlined compatibility services in terms of the OS’s it can run upon. Either macOS or Windows, it runs effortlessly. One can change the configuration of the emulator to achieve better gaming results. 


While the emulator is gamer-focused, one can use various applications through the play store, which would be mobile. In such ways, it offers a better versatility factor.


Downloading the application is free of cost with no hidden charges. Simply download, install and start playing.


The emulator enables you to use download anything while you might be playing a game. Different applications can be used on the emulator while other devices are open.

Language options.

For those that want their native language in the emulator, there are several languages to choose from other than English. 

How to download and install Bluestacks on Windows PC?

Download Bluestacks.

Head to its official website and download the latest version of the application. The file might vary based on the version that you download and the internet connection.


Once downloaded, install the given file by double-clicking it and accepting the terms and conditions associated with the applications. Once installed, run the application.

Start playing.

To download any applications or games, you will need to enter your google account credentials to access games and apps on the play store. Any changes made to games or apps through the emulator can be reflected on the mobile device as well. 

How to download and install Bluestacks on MAC?

Download the desired version.

When you head onto the official bluestacks site, download the MAC version of the application.

Open the downloaded .dmg file.

Open the file, and it will direct you to copy the file into the applications folder to initiate the installation process.

Install the application.

Once copy & pasted, install the software by agreeing with all the terms and conditions of the application.


A message requesting the permission to delete or keep the file would be prompted. It’s up to the user if he/she feels the need to re-install it in the future.  Furthermore, open the application and start playing your favourite android games on your desktop/laptop.

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