VoIP telephone systems are growing in terms of their popularity in the modern-day, largely because of the online revolution but also because it’s a more efficient and cost-effective solution for many businesses.

Having a VoIP telephone system comes with a whole host of benefits for businesses, too. The system is a much lower cost-per-call for businesses, it offers service mobility thanks to its online nature, a variety of features, conference calls are excellent on it, interaction is also clear and easy to make, and overall it’s a great deal cheaper for companies. With all of that in mind, it comes as no surprise to see more and more businesses making the transition over to a cloud-based phone system.

Much like choosing the latest software for your computer, switching to a VoIP phone system is a big decision for a business, which is why it’s vitally important to assess all of the options out there before jumping into a long-term commitment and, ultimately, choosing the wrong provider. In this article, you will find the five best VoIP providers to download for business in 2020.

The Five Best VoIP Providers for Business

RingCentral Office:

With an array of features ideal for the business world, RingCentral Office is an excellent option. A leading cloud-based VoIP platform, RingCentral Office has a range of impressively powerful customisation options, making it possible to integrate the system into other applications with the help of APIs. Pricing is a tad confusing, though, with rates varying massively depending on whether you decide to go with a monthly or yearly plan. That aside, this particular VoIP provider is user friendly and therefore easy to grasp, alongside offering an excellent all-round and reliable service.

Spectrum VoIP:

With affordable rates coupled with an excellent service, Spectrum VoIP is another solid option for any business. A huge plus point with Spectrum VoIP has to be its scalability, with a huge reduction in price from its usual $29.99 per month to $10 per line per month the more you expand. Clicking this useful link will provide you with more details on pricing and features, but its scalability is certainly a key selling point with Spectrum. There are issues, though, as it doesn’t come with a mobile app and its pricing structure is baffling to some. Still, with 24/7/365 customer service and the array of other positives, Spectrum VoIP is certainly a good option.

Vonage Business Cloud:

Popular with small to midsize businesses, in particular, Vonage Business Cloud has an impressive array of management features and capabilities, as well as a helpful mobile phone app, plus a comprehensive selection of features. Its cons are evident, though, with its potential security compromises putting some businesses off. Starting at just $19.99 per month, Vonage Business Cloud is easier to manage than many other providers out there.


Dialpad offers a look into what the future might hold for smaller businesses. Steering away from hardware, Dialpad prefers to focus on the integration of third-party applications, which is why it prides itself on its excellent support for both Apple iOS and Android devices. Compared to other VoIP providers, DialPad is easy to setup too, although it does miss several helpful features other providers offer.

8×8 X Series

In terms of affordability, it’s impossible to ignore the 8×8 X Series. This particular VoIP service starts at just $12 per month per user, it’s easy to set up and grasp, and it offers an impressive range of services ideal for smaller businesses. There is another price point at $25 per month offering a whole host of additional services, but for $12 a month, a small business would have everything it needs.

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