Are you a fan of DC superheroes? This superhero has connected with the audience all across the globe since 1989. Batman is one of the iconic DC characters. Batman video game is a side-scrolling game developed by Sunsoft for the Nintendo Entertainment Systems. The game is well received by the critics and gained huge popularity at that time.

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The protagonist, Batman has special moves and weapons to defeat the evil enemies. The three initial weapons include the Batarang, Batdisk, and Bat Speargun. The game also features the popular DC characters of that time such as KG Beast, Heat Wave, the Nightslayer and others. The batman can jump over the enemies and use target weapons to destroy the enemies.

The game has simple mechanics, easy controls and intense graphics. The sounds are very appropriate and the levels include Gotham City Streets, Axis Chemical Plant, Gotham Sewers, Mysterious Laboratory, and the Gotham Cathedral Belltower. Batman needs to defeat the clown in the last level to win the game. Investigate the awesome storyline and plot of the game by playing it now.

What Emulator to be used to play this game?

Batman is available for Nintendo Entertainment System. To play this game in your favorite device, you need to download and install an NES emulator on your device. For windows, you can select from 80five, Fceux2.2.2, FWNES, Jnes1.1.1, etc. For android users, NES Emulator 1.0.1, Nostalgia.NES 1.15.8, etc. For Mac, RockNES 4.0.1, Nestopia 1.4.1, etc. are available options.

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Three Related Games

The superhero genre of games is always electrifying and adventurous. To play similar games in your device, check out the names appended below.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War

This is a team-based combat game that is based on internal Nemesis system. The more is the war, the bigger are the conflicts among the team members. You need strategic and critical thinking to play this game. The armory of the player is filled with advance weapons, brilliant tools and war equipment that will give you a high adrenaline rush and needs hours of planning before the actual war.

Dishonoured 2

Are you crazy about old school stealth-based games? This rustic thriller game is well set to amaze you. The strategic moves, unique storytelling, and awesome graphics are the key features of this game. From trapping your enemy to acrobatic combat, the game is full of wit and tinkers. From a first-person view, the player needs to understand the situation and use his wit to discover the undiscovered. To know more about the story and gameplay, check out this game.

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Sleeping Dogs

This game is settled in the Hong Kong movie based theme and is seen as a tribute to the Hong Kong theatre. The main highlight of the game is in the martial arts and stunts devised to use. Tactical combat with amusing moves and jaw-dropping techniques are the important features of the game. From the very beginning, you will feel the intense combat style and ambience with it.

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