Balloon Fight is an old school action game released for Nintendo Entertainment System in 1986. It is one of the classic games with the simple console, pin-point graphics and smooth mechanics. The game was improved and re-released on various platforms in North America. During that time, Balloon Fight was a revolutionary concept to be incorporated in the game.

FULL NAME:Balloon Fight
CONSOLESuper Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)
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The player is flying in the air with two balloons tied up to his helmet. The main objective of the game is to your balloons from the shooter enemies. The player can fly upwards by blowing air to the balloons and can save himself from the enemies. The terrain includes sea with piranha near the surface. The player also needs to save himself from the lightening in the sky.

The goal is to defeat all the enemies and save your balloons until the end of the level. After every three levels, there is a mini-game in which the player needs to pop out as many balloons as possible amongst the infinite set of balloons falling over the screen. The game has simple yet sophisticated graphics, complex levels and nostalgic effects on our minds. So, do check out this game.

What Emulator to be used to play this game?  

Balloon Fight is released for Nintendo Entertainment System in North America. To play this game in your favorite device, you need to download and install an NES emulator on your device. For windows, you can select from 80five, Fceux2.2.2, FWNES, Jnes1.1.1, etc. For android users, NES Emulator 1.0.1, Nostalgia.NES 1.15.8, etc. For Mac, RockNES 4.0.1, Nestopia 1.4.1, etc. are available options.

Balloon Fight
Balloon Fight
Download for Windows

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Download for Windows

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