Atari 800 is one of the initial home computers developed by Atari Inc. in 1979. They revolutionized the home computer systems with coprocessor chips. The launch of video games on the platform drew the attention of the critics. The console supports full keyboard support, paneled graphics, and a good collection of amazing games. Also, the console contains user-accessible and expandable RAM.

Atari named the console as Atari 800 due to its 8Kb RAM size. During five production years, Atari 800 console sold a total of two million units across the world. The Atari 800 had an operating system built into the ROM. It uses an ANTIC chip to provide high-quality graphics via Atari BASIC system calls. However, the Atari Corporation stopped the production and sales of Atari 800 in 1992. 

Atari 800
Atari 800
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With very less available technology during that time, Atari 800 was an amazing console that will always be a part of the Hall of Fame. Some of the very popular and interesting games released on Atari 800 are Mario Bros (1983), PacMan, Aladdin, 1040 Terminator, Invaders, Bubbles, 3 D Maze, Star Gate, Adventure Island, and many more. So, to get a detailed idea about the features of the console, you need to check out these games.

What Emulator can you use to play games on this ROM?

To play your favourite game on Atari 800 console, you need to download and install Atari 800 (Atari 8-bit) emulators. For windows, the available choices are A8E 0.2, Atari800Win Plus 4.0, kat5200, Rainbow 2.2, etc. Mac OS X users can select Atari800MacX 5.0.1 or Rainbow 2.2 as their emulator. For Linux users, the available emulators are ACE 0.3, kat5200 0.8.1, etc.

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Three Related Games

From a plethora of games launched on Atari 800 console, the list below provides the name of some widely popular games.


Pac-Man is a maze attack game. It was released in 1980. The player controls the protagonist, a fictional character, Pac-Man. Four colored ghosts with unique combat abilities surround him. The player needs to reach to the ball following the given path without getting caught by any of the ghosts. If the ghosts touch the player, the game ends. Hence, the objective is to take the ball and advance to the next level. It received hill-high acclamation and was a grand commercial success.

Mario Bros

This classic game was released in 1983 over various consoles. The protagonist Mario is a plumber and along with his cousin, Luigi is ready to clear all the sewers of America. Some unwanted worms, flies, and other creatures have attacked these sewers. Therefore, the objective of the game is to kill all the enemies to advance to the next level of more complex pipelining. The player can kick and jump over the enemies to kill them. This nostalgic mini-game is still a sideline part of newer versions of Mario.

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Donkey Kong

The villain sometimes outplays the hero. Donkey Kong is the villain of this iconic 80s game. The hero, Jumpman Mario later gained popularity in Mario Bros launched after four years. The objective of the game is to reach the top of a maze filled with ladders and fight the Kong. While you are ascending, Donkey Kong throws big boxes over you. Once the boxes touch the player, the game is over. This game was very popular and will still amaze you.  

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