Overheating is one of the most common problems in any device. Though this problem is often overlooked, this leads to hardware failures. You have to spend lots of money on hardware to overcome this problem. Asus Fan Xpert is free software that helps your PC to encounter this problem without changing hardware. This software continuously monitors the temperature and speed of your CPU and motherboard. You should download and use this software to maintain an optimum temperature of the CPU.


The optimum temperature is maintained by altering the speed of fans inside the CPU. The speed of the fans present inside your PC is by default kept constant. Due to this continuous speed, your PC operates efficiently with a small application. When you start a bulky application, it increases the load on the motherboard of the CPU. More heat is generated than it is being discharged from the CPU as the fan’s speed is constant. This loss of equilibrium in the thermal exchange of the CPU increases the temperature. 

Temperature rise reduces the efficiency of your PC. By merely increasing the speed of the fans inside the CPU, thermal equilibrium can again be established. This application increases and reduces the speed of the fan as per the requirement of your PC. Sometimes you are working on an application applying fewer loads on the motherboard. In such a situation, when the CPU is producing less heat, you can now reduce the fan’s speed. Reducing the speed of the fan optimizes the sound coming out of the CPU.

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Key Feature:-

  • Speed control: This application allows you to change both the fans’ speed as per the system’s requirement. You will have full control over the speed of the fan. When you notice the temperature of your CPU is rising, then increase the fan’s speed. You can reduce the speed of the fan when you are using a small application. When you reduce the speed of the fan, the useless sound emitted from the CPU reduces. This increases the efficiency of the fan.
  • DISPLAY: The software shows the temperature of the CPU, motherboard, and speed of the fans in the rpm speed of CPU. This information helps you adjust the speed of the fan. From these data, you can know which application is heating your PC. You can look for a better alternative for that particular application.
  • SMART MODE: It is not possible to change the speed of the fan regularly. The intelligent mode present in this application changes the fan speed as the temperature changes.
  • FAN CONTROL: The fans present in the CPU can be controlled separately. The speed of a single fan can be changed or disable if we don’t need it. It also has fan spin up and spins downtime control. These allow you to avoid any unwanted fan speed fluctuation.


STEP 1:- Open the web browser you desire. Search for ASUS Fan Xpert.

STEP 2:- From the search result, go to the official site of ASUS Fan Xpert.

STEP 3:-Select the latest version of the application.

STEP 4:- After selecting the latest version, make sure all other applications on your PC are closed. Then click on the download option.

STEP 5:- Go to the folder where the application has been downloaded and double.

STEP 6:- Double-click on the downloaded file. The installation window appears on the screen.

STEP 7:-Read all the terms and conditions carefully that appear on the window. And click on I agree with option.

STEP 8:- Click on the install option. And wait till the application is being installed.

STEP 9:- After the installation is complete, the application’s icon appears on the screen. Click on that icon and change the speed of the fan in your CPU as you want.

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