Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is a mystic thriller video game. It was developed by Capcom and released for the Nintendo DS console in 2007. The game settles after 7 years of the previous Ace Attorney series. The main objective of the game is to prove to your client not guilty. However, the investigative punches, cross-questions, witnesses testimonies, fingerprints, etc. gives the real courtroom feel to the players. 

In this new series, firstly, the protagonist, phoenix wright resigns from his duties. A new probationer under him and his daughter, Trucy, fight for the clients on his behalf. The game has four complex and mysterious cases. In conclusion, each case needs proper investigation, collecting clues and witnesses, and a courtroom trial for the same. The game also introduced a system to check whether the witness’s testimonies are true or fake by noticing his movements and actions. 

FULL NAME:Apollo Justice
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The player has a life bar which depends on the patience of the judge. Once the player asks the wrong questions or involves in irrelevant discussions, the life bar reduces. The player is out of the game when the bar reaches zero. The game allowed proper use of microphones whenever a player needs to object to the prosecutor’s statements or need to question the witness. So put on your Sherlock Hats and get ready to solve your first case in the game.

What Emulator can you use to play this game?

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is released on the Nintendo DS console. So, to play this game on your favorite device, you need to download and install the Nintendo DS Emulator. The Emulator imitates the console’s hardware system requirements for your game in your device and allows you to play the game conveniently. For windows, you can choose from No$GBA, NeonDS, IDeaS, DSemu, DuoS, etc. for your device. For Mac OS X, DeSmuME is the emulator available to use.

Apollo Justice
Apollo Justice
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Three Related Games

Apollo Justice is a game of wit and strategy. To help your client you need intense investigative and reasoning skills. Check out some related games listed below:

Ace Attorney- Justice for all

Advancing the series of Ace Attorney games, Capcom released Ace Attorney- Justice for all in 2002 on Gameboy Advance console. Ace Attorney- Justice for all includes courtroom investigation, personal investigation, and presenting the evidence before the jury board. There are 4 tricky levels that need a witty mind and strategic plans to remove the curtain and reveal the culprit. This version of the Ace Attorney series is more advanced and managed.

Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth

Capcom launched the Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth in 2009 for the Nintendo DS console in Japan. Due to the increasing popularity and profound presentation of the case by the prosecutor, Miles Edgeworth, the player can now control the prosecutor against Phoenix Wright. To solve the mystery of the smuggling of a ring, the player needs to complete five bizarre levels.

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Ace Attorney- Trials and Tribulations

In 2004, Capcom released the third game in sequence with Ace Attorney series for the GBA console as “Ace Attorney- Trials and Tribulations”. This time the protagonist Phoneix Wright went through the investigation tunnel in a total of five amazing episodes. The themes, designs, music, and intriguing plots have helped in gaining an enormous audience for the game. The overall gameplay is similar to Ace Attorney- Justice for all but the advance levels have made it more exciting.

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