The most anticipated Sci-Fi action RPG game ‘Anthem’ has finally been rolled out.  The wait for the upcoming shooter game has ended. The demo version of the game is all ready to be commenced on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Anthem is a destiny-Esque Sci-Fi action RPG game from EA (Electronic Arts) and BioWare.

It is not confirmed how big this demo is going to be, but it is quite expected that it will not be that massive. It is kind of an open-world game where you will come to experience vicious monsters and beasts running wild to get the piece of you.

FULL NAME:Anthem Game
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The open beta will be absolutely free to access for anyone. Talking about the closed beta, only those with the subscription of the origin or those who pre-ordered the game will be able to access it.

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The beta version of the Anthem can be a great surprise for those who find it difficult to rely on EA and BioWare. Before you make your purchase, you now have the option to join the short demo and decide if it could actually impress you enough or not.

Currently, EA has not unveiled any of the additional information about the game. The details about the size and features of the games are still under the curtains. But it is quite expected that it will include the stuff from the closed Alpha.

There will be different types of areas to explore, but we have no clue what type of content is going to be presented.

Talking about the graphics, it will definitely never fail to impress you. The graphic appears to be like out of the box, which seems to be exceedingly appealing. It is notable that EA could not do any better with the Battlefield V. It was introduced with very minimal content, and gaming experience failed to satisfy the users. It remains to be seen if the makers opt for the different routes for the Anthem and introduce the MMO shooter with plenty of features, more content, and modes.

Download for Windows

The Demo of the Anthem is now ready to be kick-started on the PS4, Xbox One, and the original stores. As of now, all eyes are set on the demo version of the game. As it’s an RPG game, it will offer an exhilarating experience. As seen in the images, it looks pretty much impressive in terms of graphics.

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