Animal Crossing: Wild World is a simulation game released for Nintendo DS console. The game revolves around a village filled with anthropomorphic animals, retained from its previous games. The game syncs with the internal clock of the DS console due to which the time, seasons, climate etc. affect the actions inside the game. The day and night transpire in the game even after switching it off. The player is free to select clothes for his character in the game.

The player gets a villa-like initial home by Tom Nook, on a mortgage. This money should be paid after some time by the player. Each character stays in that house unlike other series of Animal Crossing. All the animals perform the day to day activities such as gardening, collecting fruits and vegetables, fishing, bug catching, etc. The game follows a currency in the form of ‘bells’. Trade between different items such as fishes, shells, bugs, bees, etc. for ‘bells’ can help the player. A Nintendo Bank is also available within the game to support transactions.

FULL NAME:Animal Crossing: Wild World
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The main objective of the game is to develop your house by the money you have earned in the game. Apart from wallpaper, furniture, decorations, music, appliances, etc. from the previous game, this time player can change the home size and design as well. You can celebrate Christmas, easter, thanksgiving and other festivals with the villagers. Happy Room Academy gives a score to the player after each level. The real-life like adventure, day-to-day events and tasks will make you connected to the game

What Emulator can you use to play this game?

Animal Crossing: Wild World is released on the Nintendo DS console. So, to play this game on your favourite device, you need to download and install the Nintendo DS Emulator. The Emulator emulates the console’s hardware system requirements for your game in your device and allows you to play the game conveniently. For windows, you can choose from No$GBA, NeonDS, IDeaS, DSemu, DuoS, etc. for your device. For Mac OS X, DeSmuME is the emulator available to use.

Animal Crossing Wild World
Animal Crossing Wild World
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Three Related Games

Animal Crossing: Wild World is filled with amazing day to day activities and there is an unbound set of adventure to explore. If you liked this game, then you should also check out the related games listed below:

Fantasy Life

The world inside the game is free from chaos and well organised. In Fantasy Life, the player can choose any profession among the 12 available choices such as carpenter, gardener, plumber, etc. and can live the predetermined lifestyle for that profession. You can own several houses, meet new people, buy goods and complete simple quests and puzzles to earn bonus points that will upgrade your lifestyle. To get a sophisticated and professional version of Animal Crossing, do check out this game.

Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns

After completing your education, you move to the countryside where you have settled a farm across the junction of three different cities. You, the player, can live your farming life as per your wish. The three towns are specific in the type of houses, residents, culture, festivals, etc. You can be friends with any of the city people. Therefore, your day to day activities includes sowing seeds, irrigating the farm, rearing animals, collecting farm products, etc.

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Castaway Paradise

Due to a storm, the player reaches an island shore where the islanders received him and give him a tent to live. The player needs to explore the island, meet locals, gather food, and enjoy this amazing stay at the island. As the level advances, you can unlock the unexplored areas on the island. This game is very close to Animal Crossing: Wild World as you will encounter numerous anthropomorphic creatures on the island. So, do check out this awesome game. 

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