Alundra is a very classic, strategic and adventurous game developed by the Matrix Software for the PlayStation in 1997. The game will fill you with suspense and horror. The pinpoint graphics, awesome story, and unique concept are the main elements of this game. The player controls the protagonist, Alundra, an elf from the land of Elna. He has the ability to walk in someone’s dream. Hence, he decided to use his ability to help needy people.

Once he visited an island near the village of Inoa via his ship. He was amused to see that the people of the island are depressed due to deadly nightmares every day. Alundra decided to help them by walking in their dreams and eliminating the monsters. The dream depends upon the person’s character, fears and traits. Each time the mission is different and so is the enemy. To relieve the person from the nightmares, Alundra needs to solve very complex and deadly puzzles.

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The game is a classic combination od human suffering, magic and revival. It has gained universal acclamation due to unique story and smooth mechanics. The combats with the enemies, the strategic puzzles and the change of characters due to terrains are the main challenges for the player. You need to familiarize yourself with the character first to understand his dream problem and then solve it.

What Emulator can you use to play this game?

Alundra is released on PlayStation. So, to play this game on your favourite device, you need to download and install an emulator that supports the PlayStation (PSX) console. For windows, you can select from AndriPSX, BizHawk 2.3, Bleem, PCSX 1.5, PSXeven 0.19, SSSPSX 3.34E, RetroArch 1.7.5, etc. Android users can download an emulator like ClassicBoy, EPSXe, FPse, Go PSX 1, Matsu 2.24.0, etc. 

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Breath of Fire 4 is an adventurous game featuring the dragons and their masters. Firstly, the dragon along with their master fight to safeguard the world from the evil goddess. In between the battle, princess Elena was found missing. So, her sister and acting queen of Windia Kingdom declared war to rescue her, with the help of charming Ryu. The combat is explosive and windy as the dragons are ready to give up their lives to save the people. This twisted and action-pack game is a must-play for all.

7 Days to Die

Based on horror plot, 7 Days to Die is a game of survival and vengeance. The shooting adventure is unmatched. The player needs to collect all the necessary materials to build and safeguard the environment around it. However, the Zombies are waiting out in the voxel world to destroy mankind. The game involves proper strategy, planning and wit to overcome the extensive traps. The mid way objective puzzles can give you bonus weapons and health.

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Rising World

Have you ever imagined to build a city of your own? Well, this game gives you the total control of your city from creation to destruction. Your creativity can help you build one of the greatest city in the world or an ancestral castle. The game starts with simple tools and blocks to create your town, but later on, you have over 200 different blocks, landscapes and resources. You also need to protect it from various attacks and enemies.

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