The Internet has been the all-day destination for all of us from dusk till dawn. Whether we need some information or perform some calculations online, web browsers are the first step for achieving our desired goals. These days the need for web browsers have been made simpler by providing assistant, who instantly search the web and displays best results. For instance, Google Assistant, Alexa, etc. A similar assistant-cum-browser is available for Mac users in the form of Alfred. Alfred is a productivity application, which boosts your efficiency with keywords, hotkeys and text expansion features. It allows you to search the web, search files locally on your device, perform some calculations, or carry out other activities from a single platform. Alfred is a one-stop destination for all your needs. In this article, you will come across 10 best alternatives of Alfred for Windows and Mac users.

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10 Best Alternatives for PC and Mac


Wox is one of the best alternatives of Alfred for Windows. It allows you to customise every single thing on the program. The application has several colour themes and layouts to give you the exact feeling like Alfred. It is open-source software and improving every-day with updates. You can extend the capabilities of Wox by using the plugins available for it.


Cerebro Application is open-source and used for boosting the productivity of your device. It provides a search box, where you can put your queries and it will fetch the best results for you. Hence, without the aid of a web browser, you will get the web results. Although there is no mechanism to stop the program from bringing results. So, you need to write the spellings of the keywords correctly.


The Ueli application provides a variety of productivity tools and is very easy to set up. It allows you to change the shortcut key combinations. Moreover, it is a lightweight software and requires less space. It can be used by beginners to professionals as there is no such complex configuration setting required for Ueli. It provides a Ueli box to entertain your queries.


Listary is a powerful and revolutionary search utility that allows you to find your desired files without any hassle. It has eliminated the need for looking into several folders and webpages to get your data. In addition, it provides blazing fast speed to launch your application and search your queries. It puts the smart search technology below your fingertips. It has a lightweight interface and integration with several popular tools like Total Commander, Directory Opus, Xplorer2, WinRAR, etc.


KeyPirinha is a simple portable Alfred alternative for Windows. It is lightweight and comes in with chocolatey package manager. The availability of third-party packages for it helps us to increase its capabilities to make it one step closer to Alfred for Windows to increase productivity. It has all the abilities for searching apps, executing commands, searching files, etc.


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RecentX provides faster access to your files, folders, websites, clipboard history, and all other tasks. It is an innovative launcher application with embedded technology to remember your favourite and recent history. It saves hassle and gives you an enjoyable computing experience by assigning tags to all the folders and automatic detection of your recent frequently accessed files.

Find And Run Robot

Find And Run Robot aka FARR allows you to quickie run web searches, send emails, manipulate files, set alarms, control on-screen windows, and much more. You can use custom commands or install plugins to enjoy all the recent and innovative features like live search, internet bookmarks, popup calculator, and so on.


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Zazu is an extensible and open-source launcher application for creators and dabblers. It is an innovative and latest productivity application that allows creators or developers to be in the driver’s seat. There is no built-in integration available in this application. Hence, every plugin has the full scope of what Zazu has to offer.


Unclutter is a visor that stores files, clipboard history, notes, etc. instantly for you. It is available for macOS users. You can use it with a dark theme and it has sync features with iCloud, Dropbox and Google drive. It resides in the navigation bar of your screen and allows you to easily access any files or notes on your device. 


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Moom is one of the best fully-featured window managers. It has the highly customisable keyboard and comes in handy with preset keyboard shortcuts. It also provides pre-defined edge snapping and workspaces. Users can set window position and size themselves, allowing for a great way to set up a tiling window experience. It has a very easy-to-use interface with a search box in it.

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