Aladdin game is based on Walt Disney Pictures’ animated film Aladdin. Capcom developed this game and released for Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The protagonist of the film is the player-controlled character in the game with the same name as Aladdin and his monkey Abu. Hence, it will fill you with nostalgia and state of recollection as the movie was a huge success. The character uses a magical carpet to fulfil his wishes.

The player collects useful items along the walkway. The enemies get killed by throwing apples or jumping on them. But, If Aladdin hits an obstacle, his life level will gradually fall, and after reaching zero life level, the game ends. In between, some treasures appear for a few seconds, which can be collected to get a bonus chance. Apart from this, there is also an exclusive magical carpet skywalk with Princess Jasmine where the player can collect gems.

CONSOLESuper Nintendo (SNES)
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This is a runway game with several modes and levels of difficulties. The game received moderate reviews as on the one hand players can connect with the iconic character of Aladdin. Still, the simple yet sophisticated design of the game left some scope of further developments. The graphics are very captivating as the city of Agrabah depicts charm, and the animated character portrays captivating design. Therefore, considering the connection between you and the Walk Disney’s creation, you should try out this game.

What Emulator can you use to play this game?

Aladdin is released for the SNES ROM console. So, to play this game on your device, you need to download and install SNES emulator on your system. For windows, you can choose from SNEeSe 0.8.53b, SnEM 0.02w, SNES9x 1.53, ZSNES 1.51, etc. For Android device, available emulator options are SNESDroid, Snes9x EX+ and Matsu 2.24.0. Mac users can select Bsnes as the emulator.

Aladdin Super Nintendo
Aladdin Super Nintendo
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Three Related Games

The iconic characters and the games designed on their fictional lives are fascinating. The list appended below shows some similar games.

Alice in Wonderland

Based on Tim Burton’s 2010 film with the same name, Alice in Wonderland is a strategic adventure game. Firstly, the player needs to guide Alice in a strange wonderland from various enemies. The game involves solving complex puzzles to open doors of mystery. Mat Hadder helps Alice by opening unknown places for her. Another supporter of Alice, Cheshire Cat can make things appear and disappear. But, it is the player’s choice to use them at the required time to solve the puzzles judiciously.

Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure

It is a story-based adventurous game released for SNES console. A scientist working in his lab claimed to have created a device that can shift the pollution from this planet to an unknown one, called Dimension X. So, a millionaire Snotty Ragsdale visited his lab to test the claim. As he sneezed, the device broke to open a portal. Someone from the portal took the device. Therefore, Snotty transformed into his altered ego, the Boogerman and followed the gateway to solve the puzzle. To explore more, check out the game. 

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The Jungle Book

Based on a famous novel and film with the same name, the dose of nostalgia can never end with The Jungle Book going on. The protagonist Mowgli passes the jungle to reach a human village, but he needs to defeat the lion king, ShereKhan. The runway has weapons like boomerangs, arrows, stones, etc. that needs to be collected. Mowgli can jump and climb the vines to obtain maximum accessories required to defeat the lion king. To recollect those memories, try out this animated game.

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