Adventure Island is a classic runway track game. Nintendo Entertainment System released the game in North America in 1987. The game consists of eight areas or chapters including four episodes in each. To win the game, the player needs to complete all the levels and defeat the witch in the end. But without using compound elements, the game has managed to gain favorable reviews and popularity.

The story is about a princess Tina of the Adventure Islands. An evil witch kidnapped the beautiful princess. The player by the name of Master Huggins has to rescue her safely. To reach the witch, he needs to cross the platforms and all sorts of obstacles in between. Whenever he touches an enemy, his life meter decreases and the game ends once the meter reaches zero. The player can either jump over the enemies to kill them or can use magical tools gathered along the path to kill them.

FULL NAME:Adventure Island
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Through the run, the player can collect weapons, magical powers, and coins that can be used against the witch. Whenever he hits an obstacle rock or fall down the magical pit, he loses his life. However, extra lives can be gained or brought by the coins earned in the course of the game. This adventurous game has a simple yet very intriguing plot. To explore more about the features and special weapons, you must check out the game. 

What Emulator can you use to play this game?

Adventure Island is developed for Nintendo Entertainment System in North America. So, to play this game in your favorite device, you need to download and install an NES emulator on your device. For windows, you can select from 80five, Fceux2.2.2, FWNES, Jnes1.1.1, etc. For android users NES Emulator 1.0.1, Nostalgia.NES 1.15.8, etc. For Mac, RockNES 4.0.1, Nestopia 1.4.1, etc. are available options.

Adventure Island
Adventure Island
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Three Related Games

The classic runway games have always been a past time for youngsters. Therefore, to get more amusement and proper entertainment, you can check out the games similar to Adventure Islands listed below:

Super Mario World

An iconic game series which is similar to Adventure Islands and has ruled the slates for decades gaining ultimate popularity. It is a 1990 platform game which follows a unique storyline. The story revolves around Mario and his voyage to save Princess Toadstool and Dinosaur Land from the series adversary Bowser and his minions, the Koopalings. The game contains a series of levels where the player controls Mario collecting useful items in the run. In conclusion, the goal is to reach the flagpole at the end of each level.

The Lion King

This game is based on the adventurous movie ‘The Lion King’. The main character controlled by the player is a Lion named Simba. Initially, as a cub, Simba has the ability to roar and jump over the enemies to defeat them. As the game advances and Simba becomes adult, he can scratch, crawl and throw stones to his enemies. The run is filled with obstacles and some useful items that need to be collected. This came is similar to Adventure Islands but has been personified.

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Adventure Island 3

Continuing the Adventure Island Series, this version added new moves, weapons, and locations in the game. For instance, secret rooms, unknown locations, and interactive maps have improved the user experience and brought more adventure in the game. Master Huggins can crouch and his traditional stones and axes turned into boomerangs. He also has summoned a dinosaur friend to help him in case of need. If you liked the previous versions of Adventure Island then you should check out this one as well.

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