Do you want to switch off your computer located next door and connect to your network without actually going in there and turning it off? Well, sitting at your system, it is now possible to control your remote device and make changes in it. Thanks to Advanced IP Scanner for this awesome support. Advanced IP Scanner is a free and reliable network scanner to control and analyse your Local Area Network and thereby connected devices.

FULL NAME:Advanced IP Scanner
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Advanced IP Scanner is a very useful software for any firm or cafe having several computers connected via LAN. It gives you full access to all the folder and system of your remote device. It is easy to use and portable too. For any network admin, it is a boon as you can control all the computers sitting at your own. It provides useful features like Radmin connect and remote access.

The detection and access to all the connected computers are just a click away. Advanced IP Scanner is the most convenient software for network scanning. The folders of your remote PC can easily be managed using Advanced IP Scanner. In order to know more about the essential attributes of this software, check out the section below.

Advanced IP Scanner - Download Free Network Scanner.
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Key Features of Advanced IP Scanner

To control your devices connected to Local Area Network or LAN, Advanced IP Scanner is an optimal way. It is trustworthy and convenient to use. Check out its key features appended below.

Create a favourite list

Advanced IP Scanner allows maintaining a list of your favourite computers for easy access and use. Once you entered the IP address of the network in range, and press the scan button, you will immediately get the list of all the computers connected to that network. Once you get the list, you can select add to favourites option. Now you can work on these computers using the favourite tab. 

Connect to Radmin

Radmin is the best remote control software and network scanning tool with a simple user interface. First, you need to select all the computers you want to connect to Radmin via scan results or from the favourites tab. Check if the Radmin server is available on the computer and select the connection type from the drop-down menu. Now select the Radmin viewer option for all the remote computers

How To Install Matrium Reflect on Windows

This very useful software can be installed in your device by following the steps listed below.

Installation Steps

  1. Firstly, open the web browser in your device and download the Advanced IP Scanner installation file from the link available on this webpage.
  2. You can save the file in the downloads or any other folder in your device.
  3. After the file is downloaded, you need to open the file and install it.
  4. Select the language and mark the I agree to the terms and conditions option in the popup bar.
  5. Follows the instruction that appears on the pop-up installation window to select the desired location for Advanced IP Scanner in your system, then click next and proceed until finish option arrives.
Download for Windows

Hurray! You can find a desktop icon of the Advanced IP Scanner and open it to use.

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