Advance Wars: Dual Strike is an exciting, tactical, and fascinating game. Intelligent Systems developed this game for the Nintendo DS console. However, keeping the war spirit upheld from the previous Advance Wars series, this new release brought sophisticated and highly advanced weapons, bio war systems, and different modes of gameplay. Once again the motive remains the same to win, you need to capture the opposition’s headquarters or kill the commanding officer.

Moving the story from the previous game forward, Firstly, the Black Hole Army returned to a new location called Omega Land under the leadership of new Commander Von Bolt and his guards. Bolt has decided to drain the energy from the pious land to make himself eternal. The allied nations once again joined their hands to protect the land and defeat the enemy.

FULL NAME:Advance Wars: Dual Strike
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The game embedded three forms of war zones namely land, air, and sea. Special features such as a submarine attack, the war of fog to make the enemies blind, biological weapons, etc. have given an elegant touch to the game. In conclusion, new Commanding officers joined the army along with some former Black Hole Commanders to save the world. The flamboyant graphics and ultimate weapons give a real war-like experience to the player.

What Emulator can you use to play this game?

Advance Wars: Dual Strike is released on the Nintendo DS console. So, to play this game on your favorite device, you need to download and install the Nintendo DS Emulator. This is because the Emulator emulates the console’s hardware system requirements for your game in your device and allows you to play the game conveniently. For windows, you can choose from No$GBA, NeonDS, IDeaS, DSemu, DuoS, etc. for your device. For Mac OS X, DeSmuME is the emulator available to use.

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The storyline depicted the XCOM, a military organization, trying to conquer the alien occupation on the planet. The enemies are far advanced with modern weapons. In this tactical and badass turn-based combat game, the player is the general of XCOM who commands military squads to defeat the enemies. The game has time-based missions and a map to give you proper insight into the enemies. Powerful strikers and counters are the key elements of this game.

Dawn of Heroes

It is also a tactical combat game. It is available on the DS console. The story focuses on the character Jiro and Reynalds who take up odd jobs to meet the worldly needs. Once asked by the employer, they were ready to recover a tome from a haunted villa. The combat with the ghosts, black magic, hammer skills, etc. used in the game highlights the adventure and gives the player a mindful of adrenaline rush. To discover more about this iconic battle zone, do check out this game.

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Supreme Commander

Supreme Commander is another strategic game. The player is continuously involved in developing the irreplaceable suit called the “Armored Command Unit,” or ACU. The player can select any of the three different believe parties namely the Cybran Nation, the Aeon Illuminate and the United Earth Federation. As your suit reaches a parametric level, your technological weapons become advanced. The swift AI and alluring graphics are the key features of this game.

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