Ace Attorney is a thrilling collection of investigative journalism based game. It became very popular among the youth. It is developed by Capcom and released on Gameboy Advance (GBA) in Japan in 2001 by the name “Gyakuten Saiban”. Hence, for the first time, players can enjoy real courtroom adventure and can explore their journalism skills.

The story revolves around an amateur defense attorney named Phoneix Wright and his struggle to prove his clients innocent. Other characters include his adviser Mia Frey and the prosecutor. Firstly, the exchange of dialogues between the defense attorney and the prosecutor plays an important role. For instance, examining and crossing over the evidence and collection of favorable clues supports your claim. In conclusion, the jurisdiction comes after three days based on the dialogues proofs as well as witnesses.

FULL NAME:Ace Attorney
CONSOLEGameboy Advance (GBA)
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The player controls the investigation in the courtroom trials such as evidence collections, examining proofs, and questioning the witnesses. It has a wonderful story and compelling plots because of which the game has won several awards and recognitions. Because of it, the Visual Novel got a new direction and a wider audience.

So put on your investigative hats and check out this game.

What emulator can you use to play this game?

Ace Attorney was released on the Gameboy Advance (GBA) console. To play this game on your favorite device, you need to download and install GBA Emulator. For windows, you can select from BatGBA 2.2.5b, DreamGBA 2.5, MyGBA 1.0.4, VBA 10, etc. Android users can download an emulator like Cool GBA 4.2.0, Emulator for GBA 2 1.6, GameBoid 2.4.7, GBA Emulator 1.5, GBA Pro Plus 4.0.0, KOBox 2.3.6, or others and for iPhone users, the available choice of the emulator is GBA4iOS 2.1.

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Three Related Games

Ace Attorney has a compelling impact on our minds because solving the mysterious cases is very interesting. Several other games with similar tracks are available. The list below shows some of the related games.

Ace Attorney- Justice for all

Continuing the series of Ace Attorney, Capcom released Ace Attorney- Justice for all in 2002 for Gameboy Advance. It has a more intriguing storyline and advanced features. The courtroom trial is the same as the previous version. The player has a separate mode of personal investigation to collect the appropriate clues.

However, cross-examining the flaws in the case and the plausible reasons to commit the crime are special additions in this version of Ace Attorney. This time a total of four bizarre cases will blow up your minds.

Ace Attorney- Trials and Tribulations

In 2004, Capcom released the third game in sequence with the Ace Attorney series for the GBA console as “Ace Attorney- Trials and Tribulations”. This time the protagonist Phoneix Wright went through the investigation tunnel in a total of five amazing episodes.

The game received good fanbase due to the themes, designs, music, and intriguing plots The overall gameplay is therefore similar to Ace Attorney- Justice for all but the advance levels have made it more exciting.

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Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth

Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth was launched in 2009 by Capcom for Nintendo DS in Japan. The same storyline but with a major twist, the player control shifts to prosecutor Miles Edgeworth. There are five episodes in investigating the smuggling of a ring.

The game becomes more exciting because of the special rebuttal round between the investigation. In conclusion, newer clues and interesting plots are the reasons enough for you to check ou this wonderful creation.

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