1080 snowboarding is a dynamic racing game developed by Nintendo EAD and released for Nintendo 64 console. The player controls the snowboarded in a racing contest.

There are several hurdles and obstacles that reduce the speed of the snowboarder. The player can perform jumps and special aerobic tricks to overcome these hurdles and win the game.

FULL NAME:1080 Snowboarding ROM for Windows
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It is available in both single and multiplayer modes with unique features. The game was critically recognized and won an Interactive Achievement Award from the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences.

The game also has a training mode to practice the tricks that are useful in gaining points. The control scheme of the game is technically strong and gives real-time experience.

As your points increases, you can utilize them to develop your player. The concepts of a special human Iceman gives more competitive spirit to the players.

Due to heavyweight, the Iceman stick to turns without much sliding and also lands smoothly and slowly. These special developments in your snowboarder help to overcome the track and win the game.

1080 Snowboarding
1080 Snowboarding
Download for Windows

What Game emulator to use to play this game?

In order to play the 1080 Snowboarding game, you need to download and install Nintendo 64 emulator. For Windows, you can select from Apollo 0.0.3, CoolN64 3.0, Corn 0.3, Mupen64 0.5.1, etc. For Mac OS X, you have SixtyForce 1.0, Mupen64Plus 1.99, etc. as available choices.  You can use Mupen64Plus FZ 3.0.142, N64 Emulator 2.4.0, etc. for android.

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