The James Bond 007: Nightfire game (007 Nightfire) is an adventurous, target-dependent shooting game published in 2002 for the Gamecube console.

The storyline consists of the legendary, fictional, investigation agent James Bond as the protagonist. This time, the mission is in the United States where a scoundrel industrialist has developed a satellite to conquer the world.

FULL NAME:007 Nightfire ROM for Windows
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Nightfire contains two different gaming modes which are flexible and user-dependent. The single-player mode consists of a variety of missions and focuses on the game’s story involving James Bond while the multiplayer mode allows players to interact with other players, as well as AI bots.

The game highlights the legacy of James Bond by exotic mission levels, highly equipped weapons, amazing locations, and unbound mystery.

From multi-level skyscrapers to underwater chase and tricks, the game offers a wide range of adventurous voyages to its users. It is a must-play for all those who loved James Bond and always portrays his life as an ultimate adventure. It is your chance to enjoy his life virtually.

007 Nightfire ROM
007 Nightfire ROM
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What Game emulator to use to play this game?

To continue playing The James Bond 007: Nightfire game, you need to download and install an emulator that supports Gamecube ROM on your device. For windows, you have DolphinX86, GCEmu, Gcube, SuperGCube, etc. as available choices. After installation, you can enjoy playing these exciting games without any inconvenience.

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